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The dialogue was between twin brothers. They were elaborating on the celebration of Xmas. The aim of the dialogue is not prove or disprove the bible. The bible was used to aid a better understanding. The aim is strictly on Xmas and nothing else.

Atter : brother so what’s up with this Christmas. It’s long time. I ll come to your place so that you take me out.

Lawer : yeah! We’ve to go out but not now.

Atter : so when? What’s preventing you now. Anything can happen so why not now?

Lawer : no! Nothing ll happen. Let’s do it 1st January. I don’t celebrate Xmas.

Atter : why?

Lawer : the institution of Xmas is unjust.

Atter : oh! Why are you saying that ?

Lawer : where have you seen it in the bible from Genesis to Revelation that Jesus was born on the 25th of December? It was just doctrine of men.

Atter : what do you mean by doctrine of men? Are you saying it’s evil to celebrate Xmas?

Lawer : whatever! The bible is the only manual for us as Christians. So anything that’s not found in it should be considered as not the truth. do you believe that bible is the only source of truth?

Atter : come on! I belief in the bible. But Xmas was celebrated for long and by my denominations. It even dated centuries ago.

Lawer : you’re just following the crowd. You’ve to know what you belief in my dear. Bible said we shouldn’t add or subtract anything from the bible.

Atter : yeah! We are not adding or reducing something in the bible. The season that Christ was born as described by the bible falls in this season but it didn’t specify that 25th December.

Lawer : man okay! What do you know about Xmas.

Atter : Xmas, I learned was instituted by early Christians. This was the day the traditional people had a festival called mas. Mas is god of sun. It was done for the Christians not to join the worshipers of mas. This was a perfect idea I guess. In other to make their people(Christians) distinct from the others and preventing them from worshiping Mas on that day.

Lawer : my guy so don’t you think you guys are worshiping mas?

Atter : oh no! We are doing that to commemorate the birth of Christ. That’s what is important to us. what age did Jesus start his work?

Atter : age 12 of course.

Lawer : how did you manage to know?

Atter : ah! Don’t you know it’s in the bible? At that tender age he started his work as recorded by the bible.

Lawer : see you. How did the bible know he was 12 when they don’t know his date of birth?

Atter : oh so are doubting the the bible.

Lawer : no my dear. I’m just asking you a simple question. Which I demand an answer.

Atter : the bible said Jesus was 12 when he started the work. The bible was written in the spirit. Those days the spirit was on them(apostles) as they write prominent things down. The bible is only source of truth so I’m not expecting you to ask such a question.

Lawer : do you know the bible made it existence?

Atter : bible I learned was written by the early christian with the help of the holy spirit.

Lawer : is that all? Let’s search. I don’t want to talk much.

Search result:       BRIEF HISTORY OF THE BIBLE

The bible comprises of the new and old testaments. There is no clear explanation of how the old testament came to being. The old testament contains the five books of Moses known as “the law”. Next, the stories of the old prophets and kings were added. And “ the writings” containing history, advice and religious stories. What make Christians distinct from other Semitic Traditions is the New testament. During the era of Jesus Christ, there was nothing like the new testament. In fact Jesus himself and probably his disciple were all Jews. Formerly, the life account of Jesus Christ was passed on in a form on myth. It is because of this that some scholars doubt the reliability and validity of the bible. Is was after 100years that some writings were compiled to serve as manual for Christians. However it was not universal to all Christians. In 4th century AD, the Church Council of Carthage compiled canons officials. Some letters, writings or canons were added and in that same order, others were taken out of what was former compiled. Many other writings or canons such as the writings of Tacitus, Thallus, Suetonius and Pliny the Younger and so on were blatantly not added probably because they were incomplete or they had vague accounts though they also accounted on the life of Christ. Afterwards, there were revisionism of the the bible including Luther’s translation of the Roman Catholic Bible which differed from the Roman Catholic Bible.

Lawer : so have you now see that Bible was also compiled by men.

Atter : man we are not talking about the bible where. I mean Xmas and the day they celebrate. It follows on the same day with that ungodly festive.

Lawer : see you.

The bible was just a similar illustration of Xmas.

The bible is compiled by men of God

Xmas was instituted by men of God

Xmas is invalid because it was instituted by men of God

Then the bible is also invalid.

If you want to say that the date for Xmas is not in the bible so it was instituted by men and for that reason we are not suppose to celebrate it. Then it’s equally true to deny the bible because it was compiled by able men and some level of subjectivity could be found in it. But it will be evidently foolish to accept news reported in newspapers and magazines to be true, reliable and real and deny the truth of the bible. Accounts of men are correct if the observers are reliable and have no reason to lie. Nothing ended without a beginning. The same way Jesus had a beginning. It is worth having to celebrate the death of Christ and his birth as well. So the emphasis should be place on the theological implications or directions and not the date of celebration. The button line is that is not bad or evil to celebrate Xmas on the 25th of December or any other day.


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One word which we commonly come across is LOVE. I tried my possible best to get what that word means. I mean the nature of love. Many theories had been constructed to explain the nature of love. Among them are the psychological theories which hold that love is healthy behavior, evolutionary theories which hold that love is the process of natural selection and spiritual theories which hold that love is a gift from God or through what is called numinous experience. My findings are not final and the best. I will be very glad if my ideas are counted by opposing ideas or contributions are added to findings. All that I want is better understanding of the nature of love. The results or finds are not tested against science or theology.

Love, if only it exists is not what I used to perceive it to be. Love is an illusion of our emotion. Love is perceived in the mind. No man is born to love or to be loved. Love is nothing but a mere emotion as a result of man’s thinking. If I say I love you, how can you affirm, feel or know what I’m talking about. There is no clear distinction between love and hatred, fear, jealousy, lust, pains or any other emotion. If I should ask you, what is love. You will simply tell me love is caring, patience, hatred, jealous, painful, fear or kindness. For the purpose of a clear understanding, I will ask again what is hatred, jealous, patience or fear and what connection do such words have with love. We may spend our whole lives elaborating on it which may even lead us into deviation. Aristophanes claimed love is our search of our half that make us a whole. According him love is completion. Meaning every human has to love only a person to make him complete. This definition is too narrow to be accepted. An individual can love his parents, his God, his wife and many more. To accept it this definition, then you have to agree with me first that man is having infinite or boundless halves.

Love is not natural. I mean love does not respect laws of nature. Laws of nature are the general order things follow. For instance, the planets move on their orbits. In that sense if I tell that Mars is a planet, you will know that it moves on its orbit. Again death clinically pronounced when the brain ceases to work and there is no way a death body will come back to life. If a planet moves out its orbit or the brain of the death continues to function then we say, that incident had violated the law of nature because that is not the order in which it should behave. Love has no order or pattern of behavior. Then we cannot say that love is natural.

Love is an illusion which is socially created through human thoughts. I used social to describe the relationship that exist between two or more people. Before I will say that I love you, there must be a relationship between us. Love can be numinous or tangible. Numinous love is the love between man and supernatural forces or mysterious things. For example the love we have for God or our ancestors. Tangible love refers to the love between living things. You simply love this and not that because of what you perceive in your mind and the relationship you are having with them. The level of relationship is not important. What I perceive in my mind determines how I love you but for me to love you too, there must be an existing relationship between us. A western Christian will not love the African Ancestors over Jesus simply because it is perceived in his mind that Jesus is the only way, truth and the light.

Four implication of love to note;

a) love is not necessarily reciprocal. I love you but you do not love me or you love me but I do not love you. This is possible because what I perceive in my mind may be different from what you perceive in your mind. In that sense a person only tend to love you when he perceive it in his mind and you also love him when you perceive it in your mind. Therefore, one is not bound to love or be loved.

b) love is not relative to time or love is not constant. I love you now but later I may not love you or I do not love you now but later I may love you. What is captured in mind is not fixed. Day in and day out, we keep perceiving new things into the mind. Hegel claimed that an idea(called thesis) is countered by opposing idea (antithesis) to form a new idea(called synthesis). This is what he called dialectics. When a new thing contradicts with an already existing one, they fight until one of them emerges the truth. Therefore, love changes.

c) If the new is considered the truth, the old one is send off. When the old one wins, then it gains more trust. There is no in between. You may love me or not. Therefore, you either love a person or do not.

d) you can love or be loved forever. This possible because what is perceived in the mind is believed to be truth. Rene Descartes said he is a thinking thing. That even if he denies his very existence, there is something that doubts his existence. And that thing the mind. For 2+2 will always be 4. If my senses tell me that this a pool of water but when I got closer to it, I realized it a mirage. Therefore what we perceive with the mind are believed to be the truth over what we perceive with our senses. Love is perceived with the mind. So if nothing counters love in mind remains the truth and will be there forever.

In conclusion, love is a mere illusion of our emotion which is perceive in the mind through reasoning. With the help of the implications above, we saw the reasons why we love or be loved, why love is not always reciprocal and why we may love or be loved forever.


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My life was full of relationship curves and cracks. From my late teenage, i felt the sense of not loved.It started when I had a crush on a girl at first sight[ love at first sight]. I took it to be a kinda lust so I ignore my feeling because I was then deeply religious. This feeling was affirmed at a church camp meeting we attended together as the feelings grew stronger and stronger. I would hardly look at her face. I was very shy of her even though her presence means a lot to me. This time round, I wouldn’t resist the feeling. I accepted that, it was love. My focus was strictly channeled to her and nobody else. I had a complete future with her in my dreams.

First, I approached her as a loyal friend…though that was not my initial aim. We talk on phone but face to face chats were hell difficult for us. We stayed for two years in friendship without revealing my true intention. It got to a point where I totally believed that she loves me too. She was enrolling in Snr. High Sch. thinking she was matured enough, I asked for her hand in dating but i had no positive reply. All she told me was that she was not ready and don’t even believe in love at that tender age. I was ashamed, disturbed and confused but I took it a bit lightly because of my friends consolations, hoping a second approach will surely work. I waited for a while trying to get her attention. To my surprise, she did not ignore me so our friendship kept on moving. I would sit in my closet crying and thinking about her. Obviously, my tears and thoughts couldn’t win her. However, the fifth approach even didn’t catch. Hmm… that was the greatest pain I ever encountered. I don’t think I will develop such a strong feeling for someone else. I prayed that when she finally develops a feeling like mine for someone, that person should do same for her. Because I did not want her to go through what I went through neither do I wanted her be used and dumped. I got to know that she was dating seriously. Though I believe in winners never quit. But I gave up because according to my brother the guy she’s going out with was damn rich, good looking and intelligent. She later pinpointed that she can’t reciprocate even an inch of love for me. Since then, I boldly said to myself that LOVE does not exist and that it was just a mere illusion of man’s emotions. I saw no importance of the word. To me, love is matter of happenstance. I made mockery of those who claimed that they were passionately in love [haha hehee…] I saw them as jokes and lotto winners. My adherence to religion depressed since I saw no God’s intervention in my love situation. I used to hate players but I perfectly understood them. Dennis became a notorious guy. I valued no love so I would propose to as many as three girls in a day hoping that, what I called luck will fall on my side. Yeah!! some accepted me, most didn’t. Now, the pains of rejection was normal to my entire soul since that was not my first experience. It didn’t end there..

Afterwards, I met another beautiful girl by the name Joyce. I came home for money. As usual a whole class in Krobo Girls’ High Sch. visited my church, the school’s affiliated church. After church, she got closer to me and introduced herself. We exchange numbers and that was the beginning of our friendship. I saw in her reactions that she wanted something more than friendship. Hey! As you know men hardly reject offer. She made me develop a feeling for her than what I was having after that incident. Although I wasn’t faithful to her, I cherished her and placed her on top. She did all her possible best to make me believe that she loves me and that she is rich too. I planed to keep her forever because of her money and not love. Eeii… She was even badder than me. One day I received a phone call from a number Joyce used to call me once in school. This was the introduction “hello I’m Stella, Joy’s friend. Please who are you to Joyce” I thought it was a planned work from Joyce so I boldly told her, she is my serious girlfriend. “What? your what?” she screamed. Here I am, been deceived. We became friends. We spoke almost everyday. Initially, she refused to tell why she screamed. But as I kept on interrogating her, she told me everything she knew about Joyce. It was revealed to me that the girl was a liar and a cheat as well. She had numerous boyfriends and was from a very poor family even worst than mine. I took advantage of Stella and entered into a relationship with her. I didn’t tell Joyce that I know the truth about her because her prime suspect would be Stella. Stella thought I broke up with her friend and Joyce also did not know what was going on. Later Joyce find out what was between her friend and I and that brought their friendship to an end. She filed for a break up but I lured her. I told her that I had regret for my action and that I will never repeat it again in our relationship. She was convinced and accepted me back. We were in a relationship of no trust. She was afraid of me and I also didn’t believe her. I then decided to find out the truth myself. I contracted a friend to date Joyce and it perfectly worked out. She gave my friend a family background which was in contrast with what she told me. Yeah!! It has perfectly proved to me that she is a liar and a cheat. Woaw!! Stella was speaking the truth and not jealousy as I sometimes saw it to be.

Unfortunately, my friend failed in the middle of the mission. The guy felt for Joyce so they came against me. Joyce paid visit to my friend every weekends. I was painful. I try to stop my friend but it didn’t work. Three years stay in the University, I often saw my closest friend hanging out with my ex-girl friend. It was deem hell. I continued with my notorious life. The Dennis they knew had change into something worse. Yeah!! Nobody understood me but to feel there is no love available in life is to change completely into a dog. My life was in a complete mesh, I wouldn’t differentiate between ugly and beautiful, fat and slim, skin lighted and dark skinned girls. All I knew was every girl has the feminine features.

Afterwards, a friend sat me down and blew into my head a awesome advice. I was convinced that God had not yet given me my future partner. I calmed like a cat hoping that God will now give my own. The guy really did well. I returned back to my first love. There was this girl that i developed feeling for shortly after my convention but I ignore that simply because I didn’t want to go back to my previous situation. I kept this feeling all to myself. Days after days, months pass by and it’s now two years still single. I was constantly seeking the face of God to do away with the scares I left on the hearts of women I played with and to forgive me as well. I reported to Felix about the feeling and he asked me to go forward. He presumed that the girl was single. I became closer to her. I do see her off after church, buy her gifts and we would even be on phone for about hours. Hmm…”finally God had answered my prayers” I said to myself.

It’s 11pm, we had closed from an festival’s artiste night. As usual I have to go see her off.On our way, I paused and look straight in her eyes without any word. She was nervous so she ask why I was stirring at her. “never mine” I replied but she still insisted for a reason. Man! I wouldn’t hold my emotions any longer. I moved closer, turn to her face, held her hands, my sight pierced straight into her pupil and all that I said was that Mag do you love me? Her head went down for some few seconds and tears ran off her cheek as she lift up her head. In my mind I was a winner and my heart was filled with joy. With my thumb, I gently cleared off the tears on her cheek. What!!! She slowly shook her head. She said “Dennis I love you but…” “but what?” I came in there. “I’m sorry. I know it hurts but I can’t hurt him too. I love you and waited for you all this while, hoping you going to show some interest but you didn’t so, I thought you didn’t love me. I was just last month that I accepted a proposal. This guy truly worships me. Hmm!! I can’t. I can’t disappoint him” she insisted. Fuck! It has happened again. I bow in shame and in tears. She wipe my tears same way I did, she placed her hands across my shoulders and the next moment we were kissing in tears. She pushed me back, with her palms she wiped off her tears and said bye! Bye!! in low tone. I did not call her since then. As if that was enough.

I became every successful and the ladies in my village knowing that I wasn’t married wanted my attention. It was festival again the family had met for merry making. It’s Thursday’s night. the whole family went outing leaving me in house because I didn’t want any new memories of love. I sat down alone in porch with my earpiece in ears, listening to music. A female childhood friend approached me with a discussion. She sat on the left arm of my chair. She removed the left speaker and place it in her ear..She moved her hands from my shoulders to chest repeatedly. I realized that we in my. Shit! She got me in her hot panties. I really enjoyed every bit of style her gave to me in bed. She is damn hot. That was my highest pleasure I gained from sex. I opted for her services daily till my stay was over. I warned her never to call me again. Two months later, I received a call from a strange number. It was Mamle, my childhood female friend. She claimed that she was pregnant for me. I asked her to abort but she claimed that her parents were already aware. According, her dad, it is a must for me to marry her. At first I opposed it because I don’t love her but as the hot sex memories rush into my head, accepted her. Father never supported it and he vow never to allow me to marry that low class girl. My next alternative was to give her four goats and a very huge amount of money as a compensation. This is how my first son, Lucky made his debut to the earth. Mother, you see why your son is unmarried.

I have tried but didn’t simply work. I’m predestined to be a bachelor. I had never found love. Please help me to cater for Smart and Lucky. They will grow up being smart and lucky in relationship than their father. Maybe I’m not smart enough. Nah! That is not the case. Think God is not fair to me. Or what do you think? Shh save your comment God is watching you.

The end