Episode 9
I tried my possible best to convince my parents but didn’t work.. Further attempts rather posed threat of disowning me. We compromised with our parents.who would bless the marriage for us since both parents are against our togetherness). I decided to become a Priest even though I wished to be with a woman. On the eve to my traveling, I visited Mag to have our farewell discussion. “Hey, Father Dennis have a seat. Should I get you something to drink”, she said in a funny way. She started to remind me of our past. “few days ago, we might have being romancing by now. Your sweet lips, sexy talks”, she said. “wait..wait! I didn’t come here for this. We planned for a farewell dinner and not this. You better stop or I will leave here”, I replied. She added, “ no! Don’t go. I was just kidding. Let me wash down so that we go for the dinner”. She came in half-naked, covering her chest to the extreme end of her butts with a yard of cloth loosely tied on her chest. My penis quickly responded to stimuli but I pushed it in between my thighs and sat on. (aside) Hail Mary, mother of God have mercy on us today). I sat still like robot, she walked gorgeously to me and she sat on laps. “Dee! We broke the promise of being together in the same way we about to break the promise of marrying before sex. I know you. I know you can’t reject this offer. You wanted it and you are getting it on a silver platter. I’m still a virgin”, she said. (aside) if I don’t take this opportunity, where else will I get a virgin to break in my life. Let me do it and ask for forgiveness. I found my lower lips in between hers as she rubbed my chest and removed her cloth. I was like “ no no no…no” in descending order as I fondle her erected blameless boobs. Suddenly, the ‘no’ changed to ‘aah mm aah…mm aah’ in ascending order and a cum in the same sitting posture. She also moaned. I asked “Mag what have you done to me. Shit! I did it raw”. “ you are crazy. You knew what you were doing. You just broke a virgin and I really appreciate your work. Or will you go for another round? If you are truly mine, I will surely win you”, she replied. I quickly dressed up and got myself out of her without even thinking of cleaning the blood stain on my pintle.
Check Whether Dennis Will Take The Scholarship To Italy Or Not In The Next Episode.


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Dennis Lawer

Level 200 student of University of Ghana. Sociology and religion.

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