A kwamekrobo production. Story By Lawer Dennis And Edited Ossom Emmanuel
Episode 7 review
Me: …“I don’t know what’s so special about you that’s keeping my daughter while other rich, handsome, employed, able men are waiting”, she added. (I stood there with tears in my eyes)
Mag: oooooow! Dee, I’m sorry…
Episode 8
I packed bag and baggage and went back to my village. I told daddy that I’d come to stay in the village so I needed acres of land to start a cassava farm. “hmm you see!, are you trying to tell me after all ur education, you want to be a farmer?. I opined you become a Roman Father but you and your mother refused. A graduate, you want to become a petty farmer?” I didn’t choose to be like this. I came out with a good class and I strived for a job as well just that I didn’t get one”, I counted. “Darling is okay. We will think about it”, mother interfered. The next day at dawn, my parent called me for discussion. They claimed they’ve found a solution to the problem rather than farming. My daddy said, “we met the Priest and his council and poured our plea before them. They’ve promised to help you so today you’ve to go to Parish and thank them. You’ve gained scholarship to study in Italy to become a High Priest”. I was not happy with that but I showed appreciation.The following day, I went to Accra and informed Mag about that. “funny boy. You’ve started that jokes of yours”, she responded. “Oh! Nah, I’m serious but I don’t agree with them. So what do we do?”, I said. Let’s run away from our families. They’re becoming a stumbling bock to our relationship. I can’t lose you to anyone, not even your parents. The little that I’m having can sustain us so let’s go somewhere else, Kumasi or Obuasi will do. We will start a new life there and when we able to fix things right, we will come back to families. This is the best solution”, your mama suggested. She was right. Pressure from families will be no more and I might gain employment there” I said to myself. I thought about it that night and saw that was morally wrong. We might end up causing tension between the two families. (aside) what if we come to meet their graves). I convinced her that we should rather fight the situation other than running away from it.
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Level 200 student of University of Ghana. Sociology and religion.

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