A kwamekrobo Production. Story by Lawer Dennis and Edited Emmanuel Ossom.
From the episode 2 : Miravies, the Jamaican lady, suddenly turned to Mag, my deceased bim after the
Episode 3
La, Rev. Qweku’s house, Saturday, 4am
Me: Hello Pastor.
Rev: Hello. You sound worried, what’s wrong with you?
Me: everything. I’m at your gate. Let me in, we gotta talk.. “Bro Dennis what’s happening to you”, he said.My heart jumped when my eyes set on the Rev wife’s hair as she came closer to me, suspecting she was Mag . I was psychological unstable.
Rev: bro Dennis please speak to me. I’m here for you.
Me: pastor I saw Mag. I woke up n saw her sleeping by me this dawn.
Rev: Which Mag are you taking about?
Me: Are u kidding me? Which other Mag do u think am talking about here?My dead wife of cos.
Rev: Jesus! The devil is a liar. She can’t take you cos you’re the Lord’s.
“Amenooo…” i replied quickly. He prayed for me, offered me an anointed water and assured me nothing was gonna happen.
Me: Eeii Rev. i don’t mean to be rude but you don’t expect me to go back there alone? No! No!! No!!. I can’t please.
Rev: let me call the payer warriors to your house.
Me: I think that’ll do
For a month, sleeping in that house was damn difficult. So I sold my house and bought a new house at Madina. I decided to do away with gals for sometime. Fortunately or unfortunately, Ama, a cute girl from Central University was offered internship in my department and was directly under my supervision . I guess you should know what worries guys the most, our eyes, we always looking. Some suggest the pintle but the pintle remains at rest mostly until the eyes see something. She claimed she was just 19years old but she got what big girls have. I don’t want to go into details. She was damn beautiful and I always lost concentration anytime she entered my office.I always had dirty thoughts about her anytime i saw her.There was one time she came to me for clarification about a business deal. She came closer, placed her hands on my desk and bent a bit to be on leveled grounds with me. Her tits crack was exposed to me so I lost concentration. Hot imaginations quickly ran into mind.
What next. Watch For Episode 4


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Dennis Lawer

Level 200 student of University of Ghana. Sociology and religion.

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