A kwamekrobo Production. Story By Lawer Dennis and Edited by Emmanuel Ossom.
Episode 2
Accra, La, Saturday, 5 March, 2011. 1am…
I took her home. That was roughly 30minutes drive from the aphrodisiac club to my place.Jx before entering my room i wanted to be sure sex was a guarrantee so i kept rubbing her rasta hair with my hand reaching to her neck, level.we joined our foreheads and my lips grabbed hers. I extended it to her neck. region.“Hey! Don’t be naughty.that is the reason I’m here.Let’s get inside”. she said in a low tone. I gently got my hands off her. I placed my hands on her butts as we moved inside. I rushed to take my bath while she undressed.I moved back to the bedroom and she also decided to move to the washroom. I took “comit”, applied dragon spray to my dick and mixed her drink with “Spanish flour” as i await her.I cudnt wait any longer so decided to join her in the washroom. I got close to her and began rub my dick in her butt crack( the narrow space between the butts). I pushed her to the wall with her back facing me. I used my left hand to rub her clitoris while the other hand was busily squeezing her juicy tits. I tried fucking from behind but couldn’t get it on target. I guess it was b’cos of her big butts and her standing position. Anyway, that was just an ad-hockery satisfaction of my sexual desire so I spared her ,went back to the bedroom,and I comfortably relaxed on the bed waiting for mistress. I hope the Comit, dragon spray and Spainish flour ll not be inutile.I thought. Eeyy! Here, she comes with a ‘cat walk’ towards my end.before she joined me on the bed she bent to remove her G-string, opened it wide and threw it on me. Woaw! (aside)…wo to mpo nie by Stay Jay ft Kojo Nkansah). She bent like she did in the Club but this time around she rested her arms on the edge of a chair and I beeped her from behind. “ouch!! wrong hole fool.” she screamed. Probably, that was the urethral opening or her asshole. I got it wrong not b’cos i didnt know where the pussy was but cos i was in a haste. The hero, the cross, the deckchair, the eagle, doggy style, the crossed keys,tight squeeze, the visitor and dual plays sex positions were all enjoyed within an hour or less. I loved the way she shud have been there to see how she struggled for breath and pleaded for mercy. I jizzed into her and slept in it. I woke up only to notice she looked totally different. Jesus Christ! Is this not Mag, my deceased woman?) I screamed…
What Happens To Dennis After Flashing Mag, His Deceased Woman? Watch Out For Episode 3


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Dennis Lawer

Level 200 student of University of Ghana. Sociology and religion.

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